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  • Deja Nycole

Walking In Purpose

Your soul’s purpose is your life’s calling. It is what you were sent to earth to accomplish. Sometimes, we get so caught up trying to find our niche, we confuse those passions with purpose, when in fact, your passions will change but your purpose never will.

Stop being afraid to start again. Wherever you end up on this life’s journey, your purpose will scream out from within, drawing you back towards that road diverge. Along your journey, you will find many passions that aid in the fulfillment of your purpose. Life has many obstacles but your purpose is the course.

You were sent here for a reason. It isn’t because you were called to be the world’s best photographer, essayist, or mathematician. You were sent here to lend a hand to people whose life wouldn’t be the same if you never existed.

Your passions draw you closer to like-minded people, while your purpose draws others to you. Stop running away from the thing pulling you near. The more you walk in your purpose, whatever it may be, whomever it is you were called to help, the easier and more fulfilling your life will be.

Walking in purpose is not always easy. It’s often the hardest thing to do. For me, I have recently recognized I am walking most in my purpose when I write and speak life into others after I have spent my day in constant communication with God. I do not deliver messages to my fullest potential and the content does not hit as hard, when I haven’t previously spent some part of my day walking and talking with Him.

I have a voice and thoughts that others need to hear. Whether I know them personally or not, there are things within me that someone needs me to speak up and release so that they can receive them. When I don’t open my mouth to speak, or use my hands to write/type out what is on my heart and mind, someone will suffer because if I don’t release it, they may never hear what God needs them to hear during the season they are going through.

Your purpose is not for you. It is for the benefit of others. So don’t give up, you’re never too far off course. We were meant to live life in community with others and we each bring something to the table. Life isn’t complete without you, walking in your purpose.

Get up and walk.

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