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  • Deja Nycole

It all starts with Risk

It all starts with risk. Are you going to take the leap of faith and make your dreams come true? Or are you going to sit still and wait for the dream to come to you?

Take “tomorrow” out of your vocabulary

Stop waiting for tomorrow and get started right now! It’s 2020, this is YOUR YEAR. We’ve spent enough time of our lives putting things off and waiting for opportunities to knock on our doors. When will enough be enough? It’s time to start showing up for ourselves and the things we desire in life and go after them.

Listening to nay-sayers ends and taking the risk begins right now. The people in your ear are telling you “no” because they may not have seen it accomplished before in their lifetime and want you to play it safe.

Let me help you look at your life a little more clearly with these five words:


Stop playing it safe and plan your life with intention. The rules and standards people have placed on you; break them and take the risk of living your life on the edge. Live your life with the confidence that you will achieve everything you set your mind out to do without limitations. Stop accepting “no” as an answer and look at it as an obstacle to overcome.

Whatever big dreams you have, go after them. Put your hope in the idea that it can happen, faith in the possibility that it will happen, and take the risks necessary to make it happen. Nothing will move for you unless you take the initiative to make something happen.

You possess everything you need to get your life to the place you want it to be. Put all bets on you and watch your efforts propel you towards the life you have always dreamed of.

Last Monday, I put all bets on me and took the risk of investing in myself so I can ensure I have the future I know I am destined to have. If you don’t take the risk for yourself, no one will. In 2020, I’m coming for everything meant for me.

The best part of risk-taking? There are no losses, only lessons.

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