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  • Deja Nycole

Here We Go Again: Start Now, Not Later

Nike said it best, “Just Do It.”

How many of us have great ideas but decide to get started tomorrow instead of putting pen to paper in the now? For far too long, I’ve been a “tomorrow, I’ll do it” girl. I’ve watched opportunities pass me by because I was too afraid to start now and was too comfortable being complacent with average.

“Get allergic to average; get allergic to good.”

  • Stephawn Lindsay, Zion Church Youth Pastor

Though there are 24 hours in a day, we all don’t take full advantage of those hours. Stop starting later, you don’t want to wake up one day and you’ve run out of hours to put off. You have got to get tired of starting things later when your now could create success for your future.

This is my fifth attempt at a blog. My procrastination to write due to fear of inadequacy and a lack of confidence is what set me back, placing me here writing this to you in 2020. Start now. I don’t care how many times you’ve failed or given up in the past, choose today to start now. It’s never too late until it’s too late.

This is my promise to always start now. I don’t want my life to pass me by and look back on what I could’ve, should’ve, and would’ve, all because I didn’t. My later is reserved for celebration while right now, I’m creating the success I know I deserve.

Don't let another sun set and you still choose to start tomorrow.

What are you starting now?

Peace. Love. Blessings.

Deja Nycole

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