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Covered by the Blood

II Thessalonians 2:1-3

The significance of the Blood

John 19:32-34

First, we must understand that water represents the Spirit of God. This is why John the Baptist would baptize believers of Christ in water. When John the Baptist baptized Jesus (Matthew 3:13-17), afterwards, the heavens opened and the Spirit of God came down upon Him.

Secondly, blood represents the carnal flesh. Jesus is 100% God and 100% man. Because He is God, His godliness overcame the desires of flesh, ruling out sin. Because He is 100% God and 100% man, when pierced in His side, both water and blood flowed.


God does so much foreshadowing to His Son in Exodus. Exodus literally means, “to exit.” God is sending a Savior to His people, a way out, of the clutches of death. He is not asking us to take on the enemy or the world’s problems. He is only asking us to place our faith in Him, especially when faced with dark, challenging, and unsure times.

In Exodus 4, God demonstrates His power in 3 ways:

  1. The staff transforms into the serpent

  2. External

  3. God will give us signs through inanimate objects

  4. Diseased hand

  5. Internal/physical

  6. God will give us signs with our physical body/the senses

  7. He can work in and through us

  8. Water to blood

  9. Spiritual realm

  10. God will work miracles on our behalf in the spiritual realm

*Stop worrying about things out of your control. Stop doubting God’s power. Where you fall short, He will provide, He’s got you covered.

  1. God knows your weakness

  2. Exodus 4:10-17

  3. God understands we are human

  4. He will instruct us on what to do

  5. Where we fall short, He provides

  6. He is our Provider

  7. He equipped Moses with Aaron as his spokesperson

  8. God’s will will be done

  9. He has already equipped you

  10. Exodus 4:18-19

  11. The reason you are fearful/anxious is because you have forgotten the lessons and blessings God has given you.

  12. Moses was a Hebrew raised by the Egyptians

  13. His strength was he knew how the Egyptians lived

  14. God already gave him victory but was too concerned about the weakness God took into account for before it was ever an issue

  15. Stop doubting God’s power

  16. Sometimes God will send you back to a place to:

  17. Teach you a lesson

  18. Make you a blessing

  19. God has equipped you to victor over your enemies. He has sent prophets along your way to assist you on YOUR path.

  20. Blind Faith

  21. Exodus 7-14

  22. God proves His power to us time and time again, yet we continue to have moments of doubt

  23. He provides us with protection and security

  24. Exodus 12:13

  25. God will not destroy those who love and obey Him

  26. Follow His commands

*Taking risks propels you toward success

-When you step out on faith, you are taking a calculated risk

-You have faith because you have hope in God

-Remember He will not let you fall

-Sing songs of thanksgiving and praise to Him

*In our current environment, it does you no good to worry excessively. Take the necessary precautions, stay prayed up,and your faith in God

  1. Collect your harvest

  2. Exodus 15-16

  3. God wants you to reap the benefits of your obedience

  4. Stop worrying about what lay ahead of you

  5. Cover yourself in His blood and rest assured you are secure

  6. Galatians 5:22-23

  7. Through Him, you can experience all these gifts

  8. Be thankful to God, for everything He’s done in your life up to this point

  9. Don’t be selfish

  10. Do not allow your feelings/shortcomings prevent you or others from getting to the promises of God

*The way you present yourself is how others believe you re-present Christ. How does it look when you doubt God’s promises, especially in times of adversity to others?

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